Welcome to the Medicine Tree!

Standing With Standing Rock!

Mni Waconi ~ Water is Life

The Medicine Tree is now an available drop off for sending supplies to Standing Rock.

Needed Most (Label all products with ingredients)


  1. Glycerin/Vinegar Tinctures (No alcohol tinctures please!)
  2. Syrups (Elderberry, other cold syrups)
  3. Infused Honey
  4. Fire Cider
  5. Tea bags/Tea balls
  6. Tea mugs (preferably with lids)
  7. Herbs local to the region (Mullein greatly needed for this season)
  8. Respiratory Salves

If you are unable to donate supplies, you may donate money for The Medicine Tree to make herbal products to help supply the medic tents.

Donate through Paypal via: dina@medicinetreeherbs.com

Or there will be a donation box held at The Medicine Tree

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